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Mikuni Primer Kit Triple Clear

Mikuni Trousse d'Amorçage Triple Clair

Jet-Ski Starter & Fuel System - Primer Kits - Mikuni Primer Kit Triple Clear

60 $CAD
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Product Description

Jet ski primer kits are a cure for hard starting jet ski motors. If your watercraft is one of those machines that require a lot of choking when the PWC engine is cold to get it started, we would recommend installing a primer kit to your carburetors.

Each kit comes with plenty of fuel resistant polyurethane hose that is good up to 180 degrees and comes with all fittings, tees and zip ties to prevent leaks.

Primer systems work well because they draw fuel directly to the carburetors without turning the engine over and in turn give the carburetor a blast of fuel for easy starting. Using a primer kit to prime your engine will prevent flooding the engine and save on extended cranking time to get the engine to fire. Primer kits are available for all types of carburetors and are simple to install.

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Weight 1.25 lbs