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Mercruiser Bravo 1-2-3 Halo drive shower

Douche de pied Halo Mercruiser Bravo 1-2-3

Mercruiser Upper Drive Shower - Mercruiser Bravo 1-2-3 Halo drive shower

329 $CAD
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Product Description

Our Mercruiser Upper Drive Shower of halo drive or Summit drive type is at the most competitive prices in the Canadian market. Indeed, Top Marine holds the expertise to find you products with superior quality at the best possible prices.

We also guarantee that all our products are brand new; we do not sell remanufactured parts. We offer a 1-to-3 year warranty coverage following your purchase. Top Marine make your shopping easy, meeting all of your needs.

Halo Drive Shower for Bravo 1-2-3 TM-121 drives.

Manufactured by Simrek corporation. Easy installation with no drilling required. Can reduce the upper unit by 50 degrees F.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 lbs