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Sterndrive lower unit OMC cobra conversion kit

Ensemble de conversion cobra OMC

OMC Cobra Sterndrive Lower Unit - Sterndrive lower unit OMC cobra conversion kit

589 $CAD
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Product Description

Top Marine has an OMC Cobra converter kit at a more than affordable price on the market.

Having established our reputation in Canada, we put our expertise at your service in order to find you the highest quality products at the best prices.

You can now benefit from our 3 year warranty. Our website is also easily accessible and totally secure.

Replace 1986-1993 Cobra drives that shift in the lower unit.
Does not replace King Cobra drives.

The throw of the shifter must be changed. You may need to purchase a new shifter if your current one cannot change the throw of the shift cable.
Designed to work with our TM116 drive. The drive does need to be modified slightly.

If purchasing the drive, please note that you will want to purchase the install kit and anode kit at the same time.
If the drive is ordered at the same time as the conversion kit, we will modify the drive without charges.

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs