Cummins Marine Engines V903 Delco 40MT/24V

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For :Starter Cummins Marine Engines V903 Delco 40MT/24V Delco 40MT DD

Used On: Cummins Marine Engines V903 Delco 40MT/24V, LH Mount ; 11T / CCW
Delco 1113856, 1113857, 1113874, 1113875, 1113907, 1114718, 1114739, 1114792, 1114840, 1114922, 1114952, 1990210, 1990340
AC DELCO 323-782
Lester Nos:
Voltage: 24 Volts
kW: 10.5 kW
Rotation: CCW
Teeth/Splines: 11 Teeth/Splines
New or Remanufactured: New
Approximate Weight: 58 lbs

Solenoids are 100% tested for coil strength, voltage drop across contacts and ‘reserve burnoff’ on the contacts
100% computerized load tested
100% New
Armature with heat treated shaft and welded steel-core riserless commutator
Varnish dipped field coils
Ductile iron D.E. housing
Painted gloss black with zinc plated hardware