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External Line Port and Starboard

Bâbord et tribord OE# 87173A 5

Alpha One Generation 1 - Trim Cylinders - External Line Port and Starboard

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Product Description

Trim cylinder alpha one generation 1 External Line Port and Starboard

OE# 87173A 5

TM-9 B-102-01

Fits 1970-1982 R style drives inbord Fits Port and Starboard This trim cylinder has two trim hoses connected to it. One is at the front and one is at the back.

If your current trim cylinder has one hose this will not work for you. If your current trim cylinder has two hoses connected at the front then these will not work with out buying the proper hose for the back connection.

The OE numbers are 32-87234 and 32-87235.

You will need one of each.

OE# 87173A 5






Compatible with 70-82 R style readers
Suitable for port or starboard






Additional information

Weight 4.00 lbs