TM-20-501 Tigershark 640 Crankshaft

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Tigershark 640 Crankshaft

OEM#: 3008-063

Shipping price includes core exchange and return shipping of new core

Remove the PTO coupler and measure the diameter of the crankshaft on the threads:

18mm  or 24mm

Remanufactured Crankshaft, including all new main and wrist-pin bearings, inner seals and rods. Trued & welded to better than OEM specifications.

3008-063 18mm output shaft

3678-001 24mm output shaft


1994 Tigershark Barracuda Crankshaft
1994 Tigershark Daytona Crankshaft
1994 Tigershark Monte Carlo Crankshaft
1994 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Crankshaft
1994 Tigershark Montego Crankshaft

1995 Tigershark Barracuda Crankshaft
1995 Tigershark Daytona Crankshaft
1995 Tigershark Monte Carlo Crankshaft
1995 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Crankshaft
1995 Tigershark Montego Crankshaft

1996 Tigershark Monte Carlo Crankshaft
1996 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Crankshaft
1996 Tigershark Montego Crankshaft

1997 Tigershark Monte Carlo Crankshaft
1997 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Crankshaft
1997 Tigershark Montego Crankshaft

1998 Tigershark TS 640 Crankshaft

1999 Tigershark TS 640 Crankshaft

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