TM-20-107 Sea-Doo Crankshaft 787 / 800

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TM-20-107 Sea-Doo 787 / 800 Crankshaft
OEM#: 290882313

Shipping price includes core exchange and return shipping of new core

Remanufactured Crankshaft, including all new main and wrist-pin bearings, inner seals and rods. Trued & welded to better than OEM specifications.


1995 Sea-Doo XP800 Crankshaft is supported by the additional purchase of a counterbalance shaft and PTO.

1996 Sea-Doo Challenger Crankshaft
1996 Sea-Doo GSX Crankshaft
1996 Sea-Doo GTX Crankshaft
1996 Sea-Doo XP Crankshaft

1997 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800 Crankshaft
1997 Sea-Doo Challenger Crankshaft
1997 Sea-Doo GSX Crankshaft
1997 Sea-Doo GTX Crankshaft
1997 Sea-Doo SPX Crankshaft
1997 Sea-Doo XP Crankshaft

1998 Sea-Doo Challenger Crankshaft
1998 Sea-Doo GSX Crankshaft
1998 Sea-Doo SPX Crankshaft

1999 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800 Crankshaft
1999 Sea-Doo SPX Crankshaft


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