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Sea-Doo Rotary Valve 132°

Sea-Doo Soupape Rotative 132°

Jet-Ski Starter & Fuel System - Sea-Doo Rotary Valve Parts - Sea-Doo Rotary Valve 132°

36 $CAD
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Product Description

This is a new rotary valve.

A rotary valve refers to the intake of earlier Sea-Doo two stroke engines. The rotary valve are driven off of a gear in the crankcase between the cylinders. This motion allows the intake port to be opened and closed in time with the engine power pulses. The rotary valve allows the port to have no restriction. Rotary valve engines are a very effiecient design with complete control of airflow into an engine. They allow the air/fuel mixture to flow without any airflow restrictions (unlike like reeds).


  • 1988 Sea-Doo SP Rotary Valve
  • 1989 Sea-Doo SP Rotary Valve
  • 1990 Sea-Doo GT Rotary Valve
  • 1990 Sea-Doo SP Rotary Valve
  • 1991 Sea-Doo GT Rotary Valve
  • 1991 Sea-Doo SP Rotary Valve
  • 1991 Sea-Doo SPI Rotary Valve
  • 1991 Sea-Doo XP Rotary Valve

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Weight 1.00 lbs