Power Trim System 2-Wire Mercury 3-Ram 2-Wire 1996-up

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Power Trim Motor and pump System 2-Wire Mercury Replaces Mercury 3-Ram 2-Wire 1996-up
OE# 855998A05, 855998A07, 855998A08 and 855998A11 2-wire 3-ram system for Mercury/Mariner
Design II Aft Fill

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the Trim Systems unit on your Mercury outboard motor, but it’s one of the most essential components for getting the best performance out of your motor. Trim Systems adjust the angle of the motor and thus the running surface of the boat, determine the smoothness of the ride, the ability to jump on plane and other operation.

When running across a lot of thick grass, the ability to trim your engine level (about halfway up) allows you to avoid pulling weeds into your water intake and overheating the engine. The same goes for running in rough seas where the ability to trim the engine all the way down allows you to keep the bow close to the water so you end up with a smoother ride and don’t pound into the waves.