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Polaris 700 Hurricane Sleeve

Polaris 700 Hurricane Chemise

Cylinder Sleeves - Polaris Cylinder Sleeves - Polaris 700 Hurricane Sleeve

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Product Description

Cast iron cylinder sleeve, must bore and hone to finished size.


1996 Polaris Hurricane Sleeve
1996 Polaris SLTX Sleeve

1997 Polaris Hurricane Sleeve
1997 Polaris SL1050 Sleeve
1997 Polaris SLTX Sleeve

1998 Polaris SLTH Sleeve
1998 Polaris SLTX Sleeve
1998 Polaris SLXH Sleeve

1999 Polaris SLTH Sleeve
1999 Polaris SLTX Sleeve
1999 Polaris SLX Sleeve

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs