Mercruiser sterndrive Trim Pump

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OE# 865380A25

This is a replacement hydraulic Mercruiser sterndrive Trim Pump Assembly. Trim Pump is a great alternative for the OE replacement 1983 and UP and for bravo 1.

The complete pump flap assembly is an excellent alternative to replacement OE 1983 and more and Bravo 1.
Pumps for component are assembled at this dealer.
Here are some things to check to see if you need a complete pump and cover.

1. If your complete pump component does not work, you must check the pump fuse connected to the battery.

2. If the fuse is functional, the next step will be to get around (bypass) the pump switch to check the complete pump component is defective. To do so, you must apply the positive 12V to the small blue wire and then see if something happens. Then do the same with the green wire that is located on the small electromagnet. The blue wire of the complete pump component, pump up and the green wire pump down. If the pump does not work, there are some possibilities. If the electromagnet clicks it is possible that it is only the engine that is defective. If the electromagnet does not ‘click’ at this point it may be the electromagnet which is defective. It is very unusual that these two parts are faulty at the same time, so you must make sure that the grounding of the pump is good.

3. To determine if the pump is defective, you must apply the positive 12V to the wide part of the blue wire from the pump, then do the same exercise off the pump wire. If you have no income or no current (spark) at that time, the pump is defective or the valve is blocked. You can do the same test with the pump motor by removing the valve to see if it is running.

4. The pump valve is not designed to be reusable so if it is faulty we suggest you replace the entire pump.

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