Honda Starter 4-Stroke

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TopMarine holds a range of Jet-ski starter compatible for Honda Starter 4-Stroke at the lowest prices on the Canadian market. We are currently the benchmark for marine products since we are able to provide you with quality merchandise at a competitive price. 

We do not sell rebuilt products, and we offer a warranty of 1 year after your purchase. We guarantee that you will receive your package in a respectable time following your order.


OEM#: 31200-HW1-671

New, high-torque  starter designed to start your engine easier than OEM with more power.


  • 2002 Honda F-12 Starter
  • 2003 Honda F-12 Starter
  • 2003 Honda R-12 Starter
  • 2004 Honda F-12 Starter
  • 2004 Honda R-12 Starter
  • 2005 Honda F-12 Starter
  • 2005 Honda R-12 Starter
  • 2006 Honda F-12 Starter
  • 2006 Honda R-12 Starter
  • 2002 Honda F-12X Starter
  • 2003 Honda F-12X Starter
  • 2003 Honda R-12X Starter
  • 2004 Honda F-12X Starter
  • 2004 Honda R-12X Starter
  • 2005 Honda F-12X Starter
  • 2005 Honda R-12X Starter
  • 2006 Honda F-12X Starter
  • 2006 Honda R-12X Starter


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